Sunday, May 23

And On The 4th Day, She Rested

Goodness, we've made it four days with this whole blog/exercise thing.  Can you believe it?  I certainly can; my shoulders, knees and butt cheeks keep reminding me every time I bend over that we've been on the go all week.  I've conceded that it's time for a break.

Taking a day off from exercise once or twice a week is an important part of the fitness process.  Just like your brain needs time to recover after a long stint of studying or working, your body needs time to recover from all the squats, knee lifts, push-ups and yoga-pretzels.  Back in my "eat-nothing-exercise-until-your-head-pops-off" days I learned that if I didn't give myself a day of rest, eventually my body began to break down on itself and would take one for me.  Suffering from exhaustion and torn muscles is about as fun as being IN a barrel of monkeys (and they aren't the cute cuddly ones - they're angry and have poop), and so I recommend that you schedule a day of rest as a part of your work out program.

So with that, Pooch and I are going to go play in the yard or take a nap on the sofa.  Perhaps a nice bath is in my future (but not Pooch's - that's just more work) to help relax some of these sore muscles.  Please feel free to leave me comments below and let me know how your work-out week went.  Was it good? Bad? Ugly?  I want to know!

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  1. what work out week? I'm supposed to be working out along with you??? hahahahaha...I'll get there, promise!!!