Sunday, February 20

30 Minutes Isn't Really That Long...

This weekend we are celebrating a milestone in M's life... she's turned 50 this week and is embracing her new life with gusto!  Our family decided to start her out on her 50th year on the right foot, so we are headed to the casino for the next two days for fun, gambling, family and delicious eats.

I figured I probably would need whatever extra "feel good" energy I could muster to keep up with her this weekend, so I popped in my Yoga DVD and for the first time this week was able to make it through to the end of a 30 minute session without succumbing to my body's cries for a break.  Whenever I get back into the groove I am amazed at how quickly a 30 minute workout can fly by when you aren't focusing on how hard it is or how sweaty you're getting, and I am glad that I made it to the last Sun Salutation without falling over.

I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I am building workout momentum again.  It feels like I am making more strides in this arena after putting the endeavor on "pause" the last couple of months.  I am glad that even though some days this winter have made fitness seem like an impossible endeavor I never gave up on myself completely.  I think it will be a good year for not only M, but for me as well.

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