Wednesday, March 30


I was feeling a bit like Frankenstein's monster this morning (you know the feeling - you wake up after a fitful night of dreaming about overdrawn checking accounts, your ex-husband dating Kenny Rodgers and flying puppies), and in a rare moment decided, "what the heck - I already feel like crap, a run won't make me feel any worse."

Where the heck did THAT come from?  I decided not to question the intricacies of my brainwaves too long, fearing that the inspiration to get up and get outside might be fleeting and so within minutes of getting out of bed I found myself walking and jogging with Pooch around our 2.5 mile loop.

With a continued feeling of, "this is going to hurt but let's just do it anyway", I found myself jogging about a third of the loop, making it a goal to jog at least a portion of each block before dialing it back and walking to catch my breath.  Somewhere over the last few weeks of doing squats while reading and checking out Netflix's exercise videos, I have magically increased my stamina.  It's an odd sensation, and maybe I'll try for a repeat tomorrow... maybe.

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