Wednesday, March 9

Walking the Town

I failed to update the blog yesterday even though I did get quite the workout in. I have decided that to try to save some money on gas (I hear it is going to reach near $5/Gallon this summer) that I would try walking or riding my bike to my errands in town instead of hopping in the car for 3 minutes every time I need to go four blocks to the grocery store.

I tried the experiment out yesterday, walking both to the bank and to my friend's house a couple miles away, and was surprised to find that while I was away from the house for an extra 20 to 30 minutes compared to what I would have been driving, the difference in time wasn't so significant that I can't use it as an excuse to NOT walk to the bank, grocery store, favorite restaurants or friend's and family homes.  By ditching the car I not only got my workout in without really trying, but I also discovered that I don't need those four wheels as often as I think I do.  I didn't even miss out on listening to music during the adventure, plugging a pair of headphones into my cell-phone and listening to music that I downloaded to it long ago.

Even though the left ear-piece on the headphones stopped working on the second leg of my journey, the trip was a success and I discovered that listening to the Hamster Dance in only one ear only makes you go half as crazy by the end of the song.

The Hampsterdance Song

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