Wednesday, June 26

Eating In and Dining Like Kings

Our desire to lower our expenses has been coupled for a desire to eat healthier, and cutting eating out has been a natural progression. These days we typically eat out just a couple of times a month instead of a few times a week. The benefits have been numerous for us (although I'd be lying if I said we don't miss it).

At one point we were eating out or picking up take-out several times a week. With our busy schedules we felt like we needed this extra convenience to make it through the day, but the results were pretty severe. I was gaining on average 15 pounds a year, and we were spending close to $300 a month on dining out over and above our standard grocery budget.

By cutting out all the restaurant food we are saving literally hundreds of dollars each month, and both Mr. Kawaii and I have lost over 20 pounds by eating healthier foods and smaller portions. The home-made foods we are eating now taste better, and are more satisfying than most of what we were getting in take-out bags. Now that we have our baby along for the ride, I am glad that we made this change so that the little one isn't eating a ton of restaurant foods as he's growing.

All in all the transition from restaurant fare to home-made goodness has been a great thing for our family. We are saving close to $250 per month ($3,000 per year) which helps to fund projects for our business and is helping us to pay down our credit card debt.

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