Thursday, August 8

Read The Fine Print

Well, I got duped at Safeway this week. I was reminded, while standing at the register with a line of people behind me (all rolling their eyes at my coupons) that it is important to always read the fine print.

I had gotten one of Safeway's $10 off a $50 purchase coupon (LOVE those!), and after using them in the past I was pretty sure I had it figured out. I bought my gaggle of groceries which totaled over $70. I thought I was in the clear until the cashier added all of my other coupons, bringing the total down to just $43. Unfortunately, the Safeway coupon was only valid for $50 in groceries AFTER all other discounts had been applied. So, I was sunk.

The cashier did offer to let me run to grab another $7 in groceries to meet the total, and I started to bolt toward the pasta sauce aisle. But due to dietary restrictions in our household, grabbing random jars is not an option. So I turned back to the cashier, heavy hearted, and just asked her to ring me up.

It's just a reminder to always make sure you understand the coupon you're trying to use before you use it. It's really hard for me to coupon off-the-cuff, and when a wrench gets thrown into my plans it always costs me money. Make sure you're looking at that fine print too  - it can save your bacon.

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