Friday, June 11

Bark and Bite

You may have noticed that I didn't get around to posting on this blog yesterday, and sadly that is due to the fact that I also never really got around to exercising.  The day was dedicated to a variety of errands, and while there was some walking from one office/store to another there was little in the way of sweat or exertion.

I made up for the lapse today though by spreading red-bark by hand around my precious vegetable garden and chasing Pooch and Dummykins from their hiding spots behind the 3" tall Geranium border (neither of them have ever been very good at spatial relations).  I also managed to weed the full length of the flower bed at the front of the house, separate some stubborn clumps of ground cover and spread it out in the yard, and plant three Hastas by the front door to greet people where the big void of dirt used to be.  I even got the chance to lay out a brick walkway connecting the path on our property to the dog kennel, a feat in its own right.

Now that I have been successfully made sore and bruised from shoulders to toes, I feel that I've more than made up for my lack of initiative yesterday.  My calves, thighs and bubble-butt all agree!

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