Wednesday, June 9

Birds Of A Feather Work Out Together

Exercising with friends sure makes working out a lot more fun!  This evening M and I met up with another friend, K, for a few trips around a local track.  Rather than spending our time focused on how much we'd rather not be working out, which is what I generally think about when I'm working out alone, we caught up on major life events while the time and miles flew by.

The gaps in our conversations were filled by a soccer game going on in the center of the track, and ducking stray soccer balls when someone with a loose foot got a little catty-wonkus with their aim.  The weather held out and light sprinkles started dropping just as we were wrapping up, providing us with a natural cool-down (and helping us all to smell more dainty and less sweaty).

The best part of exercising with friends is the capacity to hold one another accountable for showing up without the overbearing gaze of a personal trainer or the erratic "maybe-I-will-maybe-I-won't" of self-inflicted exercise programs.  If you have the opportunity to work out with one or two friends, I suggest you take it.  You'll all have fun and be glad that you had time to bond, gossip, and burn calories.

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