Thursday, June 3

In With The Peace, Out With The Rest Of It.

Breathe in... breathe out... that was the advice given to me this morning by the televised yoga instructor.  I decided to listen (seeings how breath is one of those few things essential to human survival) and I'm glad I did!

I woke up stiff as a board from yesterday's hopping adventure and had to find a way to loosen the painful tightness in my legs and shoulders.  I found a great 20 minute yoga workout called Beginner Yoga that took me through an even-paced reintroduction to the basic yoga poses.  As the exercise stretched on, I was glad that I had opted to do a beginner series today because my muscles were so sore that in the beginning even the simple poses were difficult for me to complete.

The beautiful thing about yoga though is that as you move through the poses your body becomes more and more loose while your mind calms.  We've had a rough few days with some family emergencies, and so the added calming effect of the workout was much appreciated as the tension in my body and the pounding of my stress-headache faded.  It is amazing how stretching out like a dog just getting out of bed helps your body to align and makes your body wake up.

Now that all my hinges are oiled and my mind is at rest I feel like I'm ready to tackle today's challenges.  I'm sure that the bank tellers and post office workers I encounter will appreciate not being strangled to death by my squirrely wraith.

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