Friday, June 4

... And We're Walking!

I got's me a workout buddy this week, and this morning we decided that in a break in the rain that we'd go for a walk.  Now, I'm not one to pick a fight with mother nature, but this rain thing is getting ridiculous. It's June for rice sake!  It's been raining since April, and I've had about enough of it especially since it continues to cut into the time I have available to be outdoors fighting slugs and spiders.

But I digress.

This morning we walked for over an hour, pushing one another to do quick bursts of speed at different points on the walk.  This is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn extra calories while improving your endurance!  Just good business all the way around.  After walking comfortably for a few blocks, we'd select one block to walk as fast as we can while swinging our arms as high and wide as possible to get our upper bodies involved.  The results are comical (I've always thought power walkers looked hilarious and it turns out they feel hilarious too!) and energy-charged.  Pooch got a good laugh at our expense and we all worked out those abdominals with a few reps of chuckle-giggle-smirk.

We were fortunate that the rain held off for the hour that we were outdoors, and it looks like maybe if we're lucky the clouds are lifting.  Although I'm sure they'll hang around for a while, I'm hopeful that the rest of the day is dry so we can get some more time outside and enjoy the flowers.

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