Sunday, June 13

The Paintball Exercise Routine

Today's physical adventures centered around a day of family paintball down at Warpaint International's outdoor field at Chemawa.  We woke up early and headed out in a caravan of anticipation and excitement to the field in Keizer, Oregon.  After getting everyone signed in, geared up, and going over safety rules, we headed out for over five hours of dodging, ducking, diving, dipping and dodging.  Our group of 12 all got an excellent workout as we hiked from field to field, hid from the zoom of enemy fire and rushed to attack the other team.

Although we took plenty of breaks for hydrating, getting more paint and sharing some of the best bar-b-que of the season (thanks to Papa S for bringing out a grill!) there was plenty of time to work up a sweat and work out muscles that have been dormant since our last paintball adventure in May.

The best part of the day was the opportunity to introduce most of our group to paintball for the first time.  Everyone had fun as they played between bunkers and burnt out vehicles, particularly one sneaky woman member of our party who hid in a dilapidated van and had the opportunity to wipe out many of us.  Whether getting shot out or opting to surrender when surrounded, we all battled it out in good fun and proudly compared bruises at the end of the day where we had become one another's target.

Now that we're back home, showered and napped (I was so tired afterwards!), it's apparent how much of a workout we really got.  I ache in my hips, knees and thighs from all the bending and twisting and I think I am going to take the day a bit easy tomorrow to let things rest and stretch out again.  Paintball is so much fun, and we can't wait to do it again!!

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