Tuesday, June 15

Bringin' Sexy Back

Ah, back to the exercise routine.  Having a day off is nice, but I've decided that more than one day off will make for a very lazy me!  If it wasn't for M pushing me to walk this morning, I probably would have put the workout stuff off for most of the day and put in a lallygagging effort sometime this afternoon when the sun got hot and the clouds had all gone away.

M is new to the neighborhood so we diverted from the regular course and walked up and down the main streets so that she can start to get her bearings when she decides to walk on her own.  It's funny because although I've lived here for over 3 years now, I've never really paid much attention to the street names or where they intersect other than at a few H.O.A. (Horribly Overbearing-neighbors Association) meetings.

I've always referred to the yellow house at the 4 way stop, the Cemetery to the West and the Eagles' lodge to the East as the main landmarks of the neighborhood when giving directions and anyone who has asked me for street names in the past has been promptly directed to GoogleMaps.  M wasn't satisfied with landmarks and Google as solutions though.  She wanted to know what street each of my landmarks were on, what the cross-streets were and how they were laid out in the neighborhood.  In hindsight I suppose it was as good a mental exercise as it was physically, and really highlighted in my mind how the convenience of technology has encouraged my own laziness and map snobbery.

When we got back from walking a little over 2 miles, we both decided to push on a little further.  I added the first 15 minutes of Kendall Hogan's Slim Down Cardio Burn on Fios OnDemand.  Although the full exercise is over a half hour, by the midway point we were both all worked-out.  It was motivating to know that we've built up the endurance to add another half a workout to the end of our original 45 minute walk, and were able do so without becoming too weak to balance or so exhausted that we hurt ourselves.

It is certainly nice to have the summer weather back, I see a lot of walking in my future!

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