Friday, June 18

Shop N' Squat

Oh my word, this has been the longest day ever.  M and I hosted a yard sale today and while it was a resounding success (we sold just about half of everything we started with, and have one more sale day to go), it took a lot more work and patience than I had anticipated.  M had her pedometer strapped to her when we went to hang signs, as well as while we unloaded the goodies out onto the driveway for the neighbors to browse, and all the back-and-forth resulted in almost a mile of walking.

The bulk of the day was spent chit-chatting with bargain shoppers, trying to keep M from taking a nap on the couch that was perched at the end of the driveway and trying to remember how to count back change.  By the time the afternoon rolled around and we began wrapping things up for the day I knew that I still had enough time and energy to work out.  And make a Blackberry pie.  As well as a Blackberry Crisp.

The pie and crisp took priority and as soon as we had all of our wares safely stored under a tarp I headed in and started baking.  Unfortunately getting the goodies in the oven didn't take long, and I still had PLENTY of time to work out before it was time to make dinner.

I turned on the boob tube and headed over to Exercise TV on Fios On Demand and jumped along with the 2nd installment of the 21 Day Cardio Workouts.  Just like the first installment, I was amazed at how active the model waif and her trainer were able to stay throughout the workout; but surprisingly I was able to keep up with them and complete the entire workout without stopping... although my calves were killing me by the end. I'm continually surprised by my increased endurance, balance and stability and I can't wait to see what all I will be able to do a few weeks from now.

So now, with lighter hips and a heavier wallet I am going to spend the rest of the night resting up for another day of fast-paced wheeling and dealing over used books and warped Tupperware.... and maybe have just a tiny sliver of blackberry pie.

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