Sunday, June 20

Yoganna Feel Better?

Ah, yesterday came and went in a flurry of yard-sale activities & running the leftovers to GoodWill to see if they have any better luck selling it.  The sale was a decent success and we sold probably 70% of what we started with!  Unfortunately the sale and aftermath took up the entire day and I didn't get a chance to get much exercise in aside from moving boxes and crates of stuff out onto the driveway and then into the back of my SUV.

This morning, I woke up with the need to unwind (and exercise some Blackberry Crisp calories away) and so I tuned into Namaste Yoga on FitTV.  I have discovered when doing exercise along with regular broadcasts that the commercial breaks really take a toll on the exercise.  It's hard to keep your heart-rate moving and your mind focused on working out when theres 5 minutes of "down time" during the breaks!  I filled the commercial breaks with a few yoga poses I remembered enjoying from other yoga workouts so that I could keep moving continuously for the full 30 minutes of the program.  The result is that I was able to feel my muscles warm up, sweat a little and stretch out a LOT.  All the pain and strain from sitting outside and moving furniture on concrete have melted away and I feel ready to face the madness that is Father's Day with my brain and body intact.

I did an impromptu weigh-in this morning (I haven't been weighing myself daily, trying to not be so focused on the numbers) and while I am still maintaining my weight I have noticed that the sleeves of my shirts are all far more roomy, and my pants are starting to get baggy in the seat.  My shoulders, lower abs, calves and back have all started to tone up more and the rolly-polly-fat rolls are all starting to disappear.  It's exciting!

I hope that as summer comes into full swing that you are seeing your own great results from being more active also.  I thank you all for your support this far and look forward to seeing where we all end up!

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