Wednesday, June 16


The pack is slowly growing as we wander around the track.  Today I met up with M, K and Mr. Kawaii for 45 minutes of circular walking.  Each going at our own pace, and pushing each other to do just a little bit more resulted in 9 laps (2.25 miles) completed!  Mr. Kawaii was in charge of counting the laps (I can't walk and count at the same time... it's a proven fact), and he did an amazing job of tracking our progress.

It's encouraging that the more working out that goes on, the more people are getting involved in getting off the couch.  While in the past I've felt that the battle of weight loss is a frustrating and lonely struggle, this time around I've found that there are people everywhere who are also struggling to lose or maintain their weight.

Keeping a daily blog of my exercising exploits had certainly helped me to keep on track with getting something done every day, and now that I have a little group of exercise friends to work out with I've got the extra bonus of being held accountable for doing as much as I can in the time I have available.

 If you're having troubles with keeping yourself going, seek out a friend to work out with and keep each other accountable.  If you don't have anyone available to work out with, feel free to post your comments below and we can work on this together!

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