Friday, July 2

5K The Rain Away

When I woke up early this morning the rain falling outside my window was a welcome sound.  I was sure that as long as the rain persisted I would be able to justify staying in bed and cancelling my track-date with K.  I waited for her to call and tell me the weather was too sloppy, but the phone didn't ring.  As the time neared for me to head out to the track, the rain slowed and then right on time - it stopped and the clouds became less ominous.


So out I went, found myself at the track and met K right on time.  Off we went around the track, and made an attempt at walking 3 miles instead of our standard 2.  I kept hoping for rain, but it would't come.  Around and around we went, and the further we made it the happier that I was that we didn't cancel our appointment on account of rain.

As we made it through the second mile, I could feel my body getting ready to quit as the muscles found their familiar ending spot.  Beginning the third mile wasn't physically hard, but mentally I was glad that K was there to give me a push outside of my normal comfort zone.  About a 20 yards into the 3rd mile my body fell back into the groove and we kept on trucking.  We even took the initiative to jog the corners of the last lap around, and then added an extra quarter mile to cool down from the jog!  And we did it all in just under an hour.


As K has said, you quite often regret skipping your workout but you never regret doing it.  I'm glad we made it out today so that we could go into the holiday weekend with healthy muscles and revved up metabolisms.  With all the beer, bar-b-q's and elephant ears in our future, we needed it!

 3 Months to Your First 5k 

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