Thursday, July 1

Wii Would Like To Party

Today is going to be a crazy busy day, so this morning I woke up early and hopped on to Wii Fit for a half hour of stretching, boxing, hula-hoops and aerobics.  I was really hesitant to start it up, seeings how it was so depressing and creepy last time but I soldiered on anyway.

Rather than getting on me for not having used it in a couple of weeks, the Wii focused instead on Mr. Kawaii's upcoming birthday.  It reminded me what day it was, asked me if I had any plans for him and if I had gotten him a nice birthday gift, AND suggested I throw him a surprise birthday party.  This whole artificial intelligence thing makes half of me laugh with delight and half of me cringe with fear that it knows everything.

Once I got past the birthday wishes for husband, I got into the body training mode and it announced that I have lost 2.5 pounds since my last weigh in.  I actually weighed myself a few days ago and the scale told me the same thing, but with my daily fluctuation in hormonal water retention I hadn't put much stock in the loss.  But now, several days later and on a different device I have conformation that I did indeed lose two pounds.  A small victory, but a victory nonetheless!

The Wii was very excited for me and urged me to set a new goal.  I'm trying really hard not to pressure myself into losing a ton of weight right this second  and so I set another small goal of 2 pounds in the next two weeks. I am really learning that the less I stress about the scale, and instead focus on how my body is responding to the exercise I am much happier.  The visual results of losing fat rolls and getting a tighter tummy, having well rounded shoulders and the emergence of biceps, firm calves and tightening tush are all way more exciting than the movement of the needle.  Although I haven't lost 20 pounds overnight I am able to stretch further, jump farther, breathe deeper and feel achy less and less and those are results worth celebrating.

I got a good rounded workout and stuck with it until the little exercise "bank" announced I'd reached 30 minutes of exercise (remember, it doesn't include the time you are in the menu selecting exercises and doing the basic fit-test so 30 minutes of exercise will take you 45 minutes to an hour to complete depending on what you are doing).  I broke a light sweat and got my body ready to face the day, did a lot of stretching because tomorrow K and I are going to attempt a 3 mile walk/jog and I know I'm going to need the extra flexibility!


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