Saturday, July 31

Cindy Whitmarsh: Fitness Guru or Tricep Torturer?

I was surprised to discover this morning that almost all of my mobility had returned overnight.  Although I could still tell that my shoulders and abdomen were still a little tense, sitting down to eat my morning bowl of cereal didn't cause my buttcheeks to twinge and strain with the motion of being seated.  My renewed comfort was short lived though, as today was a focus on the upper body and core once again.

M and I decided to work out exclusively with Cindy Whitmarsh today.  For the Upper Body portion of our workout we tuned into Tank Top Arms for 20 minutes of a variety of weight training moves as well as push ups and tricep dips.  For me, the first 15 minutes of the workout was easy to follow along with and although I could definitely feel the burning of the muscle groups we worked out I was able to do the moves without complaint.  The last five minutes though... they were rough and I began to wonder what I had done to make Cindy suddenly determined to make my arms, shoulders and chest feel like they were on fire.  I pushed myself through the end of the workout though (M right beside me, shouting at the TV, "Cindy, I'm ready to cool down! Where's my cool down?  Cindy! Cindy can you hear me?") and once the end came I headed straight to the kitchen for a drink of water and a couple of minutes of break before the next portion.

A glass of water and several minutes later, M and I pooled our courage and started the Core portion of the day's workout.  We really had to amp each other up for it though, and I am pretty sure that we were both doubting our decision to stick with Cindy instead of moving onto another trainer.  We started up Bikini Ready and dug into our core.  In Bikini Ready, Cindy introduced us to some very effective moves that I've never done before.  The variation on the movements made for a very interesting... and very difficult workout.  M didn't scream at the TV this time though... by about halfway through we were too tired to complain and focused all of our energy on completing those last ten minutes.  Cindy is a workout taskmaster, making sure every square inch of your body knows who's boss.

Now that the 4th day of workout is behind us, I'm glad that we were able to push through and not give up before the exercises were complete.  It says a lot about how far we have come on this fitness journey!  Hopefully we can keep it together to finish out the week!

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