Monday, August 2

You Can't Call It "Less Is More" If You Are Going To Make Me Do More Anyway

Hello readers!  I am back from a day off of the exercise routine.  I spent my day wisely, helping a family member to start her move across town and doing a bit of lawn mower pushing.  So it wasn't really a day off from exercise, but it was a good day anyway and I am pleased to announce that I was able to mow the lawn and help haul patio furniture and boxes without having to catch my breath. ;)

Today it was back to the 10 Pound Slimdown program, but first we met up with K for a two mile walk around the track.  As per usual instead of gossiping with one another we caught up on family life and talked about our workouts.  K is doing a great job of keeping us on track with the 10 Pound Slimdown, and it's great to be able to talk over the workouts with someone who is aching and sweating through it right along with you.  Kudos to you, K - you're a great motivator!

Now, I have to admit a bit of smugness on my part as I have finally converted M into a yoga-connoisseur.  I knew that if I threw enough variations of yoga at her eventually some of it would stick and much to her chagrin, it worked!  Today's workout on the calendar was a 20 minute yoga workout, so we hit and scrolled through the options.  We decided on Less Is More with Lizabeth Garcia, agreeing that the title fit exactly with how we were feeling after the walk and still feeling a bit worn down from workout days 1 through 4 (see my previous posts for details... and please don't mind the sweat, blood and tear stains along the margins).

I was expecting, and M was hoping, for a nice beginner level yoga routine that would help us to stretch our muscles and ease into our evening and I suppose that's kind of what we got.  Sort of.  Not really.  I decided that the title of the workout routine is misleading and would more aptly be named, "Less Isn't Going to do Much, So Instead I'm Going to Make Your Hips Feel Like I Doused Them in Gasoline and Lit Them on Fire but Don't Worry, It's Good for You and You'll Thank Me Later."

Neither of us were able to do all of the exercises in the Less is More workout, and even though it was only a 20 minute routine it got both of us sweating.  Not only does Lizabeth get you to feel the burn, she does it in a way that makes you aware of each individual muscle that is working.  Difficulty and undercurrent of disdain aside, it was really cool to be able to tell with each movement which singular muscle was working and to feel the tension and energy move from one muscle to another.  At the end of the workout M and I discussed the sensation for a few minutes and we both decided that in the end we really liked the workout - we just didn't know it while we were neck deep in it.

Now, according to the workout calendar we get tomorrow off again to let our bodies rest and recharge so I won't be blogging again until Wednesday.  In the meantime, I hope all of you are meeting your fitness goals one push-up at a time!

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