Thursday, July 29

My Lower Body and Core Are Going On Strike

Well, we've made it to day 2 of the 30 day 10 Pound Slimdown workout program.  As yesterday, for some reason Exercise TV has been removed from my On-Demand options on the telly, so I went online to search for workouts that fell within the Day 2 requirements (links to the program can be found on yesterdays blog here) of 20 minutes of Lower Body, and 20 minutes of Core.

For the Lower Body workout, M and I settled on 20 Minute Lower Body Workout / Real Housewives with John Spencer Ellis.  Reality TV notary notwithstanding, John has put together a well rounded lower body workout using light weights and your own body We used cans from the pantry as a substitute for weights,  but  20 ounce bottles of water also work great if you are lacking in the weight department... and you can drink them when you're done!

The standard combination of squats, knee lifts and lunges is broken up with a couple of Ninja and Sumo moves helped to keep my attention and make me feel like I just might have what it takes to enter the American Ninja Warrior contest.  (Or not.  I think I'll still be safer cheering on my fellow ninjas from the comfort of my couch.)

Since we have been walking religiously and doing a lot of gardening, we didn't have near the trouble with the lower body workout as we did yesterday with the upper body workout.  Once the 20 minutes had passed, we high-fived one another and took a 5 minute break to get re-hydrated and search for the next workout.

When we reconvened for the 20 minute Core workout, we attempted to play the actual 20 minute workout on but couldn't find the free version so instead we went with the Bikini Body Workout with Stephanie Vitorino.  I have done this same exercise in the past (and I was sure I blogged about it but couldn't for the life of me find it) but had forgotten how thoroughly Stephanie rocks your center mass with energetic gusto.  Luckily for her, Stephanie is sexy, encouraging and completely fun to work out with so we didn't pelt the TV with our sweaty socks - just quietly complained amongst ourselves about our aching upper abs, lower abs and obliques.  She also added to our lower body workout with some squats and lunges that added to the Jello-like nature of our asses, thighs and knees.

Now that we have completed these two 20 minute workouts we feel quite accomplished although neither of us can figure out if we're energized and ready to rock some house cleaning and a 2 mile walk later this evening... or if we just want to lay down and take a nap.  We'll let a roll of the dice decide.

Bikini Body Ready

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