Wednesday, July 28

10 Pound Slim Down Revisited

True to procrastination form, M and I put off looking at the 10 Pound Slimdown calendar until late this evening. Day 1 of the workout plan is a 20 minute upper body workout.  No sweat!

We flipped on our On Demand selections expecting the workouts to be there, but all of the Exercise TV On Demand options had been removed!  I immediately began cursing Frontier, our new internet/phone/Fios provider and scanned through all the possible combinations of "exercise", "fit" and "workout" that I could possibly think of.

Disgruntled, and further determined to find the workout, I went online and searched through  to find it.  For some reason I couldn't find the actual 10 pound slimdown free videos, just the download for $14.98.   Although a month of exercise instruction for $15 seems like a decent deal, I'm already paying for Fios tv and not reaping its benefits so rather than doing the download I searched for another 20 minute upper body workout.

After about 20 minutes of searching and snubbing ExerciseTV personalities that I have deemed unworthy in previous televised exercises, M and I settled on 20 Minute Upper Body with trainer Dove Rose.  Finally, we began working out!

Very quickly it became obvious that we haven't focused on sculpting and toning our shoulders, triceps, biceps, elbows, forearms, wrists, neck, upper back, lower back or middle back.  5 minutes into the workout, M had to drop her weights and do the exercises without them.  10 minutes into the workout I had to swallow my pride and follow suit.  11 minutes in we were both ready to give up and call it a night, but for some reason I fought through the burn in my shoulders, triceps, biceps, elbows, forearms, wrists, neck, upper back, lower back and middle back and urged M to keep going with me through the end.  No matter how bad I wanted to give up, I couldn't let a 20 minute workout get the best of me after all the work I've done in the last two months!!

Finally M, I, our shoulders, triceps, biceps, elbows, forearms, wrists, necks, upper backs, lower backs, and middle backs made it to the end of the workout.  We sat down with the calendar and plotted out the rest of the workout week, making sure that we'll have time to meet up in my living room at least once a day to complete the prescribed exercises.  There was no joking around though - we've discovered that this exercise plan means business.  And tomorrow when we walk with K we'll follow up with her to see how all her various muscle groups held up.

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