Monday, August 9

Paintball... PAINTball... PAINTBALL!!

By the time Mr. Kawaii and I finally rolled back into town, I was just too tired to update the blog.  Today I have just a little more energy... so I thought I'd pop on and give an update on the activities going on at the Kawaii household.

Yesterday we went out for another great day of family paintball.  If you've never played, here's a brief synopsis of the way the game is played.  Step 1: Get geared up.  Step 2: Wait in anticipation for the Referee to announce the start of the game.  Step 3: Duck, dive, dodge and run from bunker to bunker - do your best to mark your opponents with paint before you get hit.

We spent a total of 4 hours at the field, and of the 4 hours I probably spent 2.5 walking, running and crouching.  I got a full body workout, and so did everyone else that attended.  The best thing about outdoor sports like paintball is that you get your workout in while having fun!!  It's a way better time to play with family and friends than it is to jog on a treadmill facing a blank wall.

No matter what your sport is - if you have a chance to meet up with someone to play, take it!

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