Saturday, August 7

10-10-10... It's Like Being an Olympic Champion!

We made it to day 11, and to the dreaded Total Body focus of our 10 Pound Slimdown program.  I'm loving my total body, tired muscles and all.  M and I decided to find a workout today that moved at a bit of a slower pace, and so we turned on the 10-10-10 (beginner) Fat-blasting Formula with Jessica Smith.

Jessica's workout is a snap to follow along with because the moves are all familiar, and are done at a slow pace so you can really focus on the way your body is moving and work on mimicking Jessica's perfect form.  One thing we discovered rather quickly though is that slower doesn't necessarily mean easier.  Although we didn't walk away from the workout dripping in sweat, our shoulders, abs, glutes and thighs all felt like they had spent the morning wrestling Ninja Snails (slow, powerful and deadly).

The workout showed me that I'm ready to kick things up a notch and start using water bottles instead of soup cans though.  I have a couple of really nice 24 ounce bottles that are narrow and easy to grip that should work well for some added resistance... I can't believe I've outgrown the soup cans... they were so hard to use at first!!  Or maybe I'll look into getting some weighted gloves instead.  Those things are just cool.

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