Tuesday, September 28

24 Hours to Fitness

This morning began 24 free days at 24 Hour Fitness.  I met up with M this morning and she took me on a tour through the gym, one machine at a time.  It was great seeing her in the role of "teacher" since she's been working out there for a few weeks now, and I'm really proud of how far she's come in her fitness and self-confidence.

We spent about a half hour playing Around the World on the basketball court (I'm not as good at shooting hoops as I used to be!) and then headed out on the floor to work our legs, abs and then spend some time spinning on the exercise bikes and walking on the elliptical machines.  By the end of the two hour visit, I was sweaty, tired and already looking forward to when we meet up again on Thursday for round 2.

24 Hour Fitness Three 50 Minute Training Sessions

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