Wednesday, September 8

Back from Dragon*Con, and Under the Weather

I wasn't able to work out yesterday or today due to a bit of a head-cold that is starting to wreak havoc on my poor body.  But I wanted to come back to the blog and let everyone know how the trip went!

The weekend we spent in Atlanta at Dragon*Con was a lot of fun, activities and more walking than I've done in years!  We got a hotel just over a mile away from where the convention was held, and rather than taking the bus or train back and forth our group opted to put some miles in our shoes and hoof it!  In addition to just getting to and from the convention, Dragon*Con is spread across five different hotels in downtown Atlanta and we logged thousands more steps just moving from event to event.

Happily, all this activity kept us from gaining a bunch of weight, even with the changes of climate, time-zones, humidity, salty/fried/gooey foods and plethora of carbonated and alcoholic beverages we consumed at the Con.  It showed all of us that staying active (and keeping our metabolisms primed) while travelling is important  in keeping our waistlines trimmed and proper.

And as promised... here is a photo of my progress.  I was able to get trim enough to fit into the Lara Croft costume I put together for Dragon*Con and it fit great!!

BEFORE:                                  TODAY:

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