Wednesday, September 15

God Bless The Cloudy Days

I headed out early this morning to my local Curves to get set up with my 7 day free workout trial.  Unfortunately, the lady who was supposed to get me set up was injured and couldn't give me the initial consultation so I'm rescheduled for Friday afternoon.  I did poke around the gym a little, and was really surprised at how small the gym is.  I'm looking forward to getting set up and seeing how Curves changes women's lives.

In the meantime, I came home and headed out to the back yard for some early morning berry picking turned landscape overhaul.  Initially, I was just going to pick some more blackberries and weed the vegetable garden.  Luckily it was early enough that I was able to get to about 90% of the berries before the bees arrived.  Our property is just on the edge of town and we're surrounded by farmland, and during the late summer when the trees in our backyard bloom thousands of bees come off the farm to pollinate.  The bees aren't aggressive, and you can stand on the patio and watch them but picking the blackberries from under the trees is a little nerve wracking because of the number of bees and the loud buzzing.  The buzzing is actually loud enough at times to be heard inside the house!

Once I had filled my biggest salad bowl with yummy blackberries, I went to weeding the garden.  The mulch and bark have done a good job keeping the weeds down though, and so after about 15 minutes I was done.  I wasn't finished working in the yard though, and really wanted to work up a sweat so I headed into the shop and pulled out a couple of shovels and rakes and started digging, breaking up and leveling out the area that will someday (soon) be a second patio.

Two hours later, I have a mostly level plot of soil that is now begging for pavers and fire as well as having burnt over a thousand calories making my yard look beautiful!

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