Sunday, September 12

A Long Anticipated Reunion

It has been a long, long time since I attempted a Billy Blannks workout.  This morning I was having a really difficult time getting motiviated to get up and go though, and as I pondered what I might do to get a workout done, I decided to check out YouTube to see if anyone in this great wide world had uploaded any of Billy's workouts.  Lo and behold, they have!  And not just excerpts of workouts, but full versions (paired down into chapters).  God bless the internet.

I was suffering the double whammy of not only feeling unmotivated this morning but also feeling a bit sluggish and lethargic.  So I was sure that I'd be able to start the workout, but didn't expect to finish it.  I figured, an attempt would be better than nothing though, and so I started the TaeBo Cardio Billy Blanks workout.

True to my initial thoughts, I made it through part 2 of the workout and felt like I was ready to quit.  One thing about TaeBo is that it REALLY gets you sweating, and so after about 20 minutes I felt like I had gotten a complete workout.  But there were three more chapters left, and so I pushed through my workout wall and kept going.  And I'm so glad I did!!

Not only did I make it through the remainder of the workout, but I was able to do it without taking more than two breaks for water and to catch my breath.  This summer of working out has really been building into my body responding to challenges and coming out swinging, and I'm amazed with myself when I try something new (or go back to something I used to do when I was super-fit) and am able to succede.  Although I still haven't lost a bunch of weight (still hovering around 194 these days...) there is no denying that my stamina and strength are drastically improved from what they were in May.

I am glad I made it through the end of the workout, and had forgotten how encouraging and uplifting Billy is at the end of his programs.  He does a great job of doing a full cooldown, something that is lacking in most workout videos, and of speaking very heartfelt and sincere words to let you know you've done a good job and he hopes you'll be back to work out with him again soon.  Even on tape, Billy is an inspiration to exercisers and I encourage you to give his workouts a shot even if all you do is fast forward to the end when you need a little pick-me-up.

Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo Cardio

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