Wednesday, September 1

I WILL Have Incredible Abs!!

Although I am getting trimmed and toned all over, my tummy is a fatty zone that I inherited from my mom's-mom's-mom's-mom.  It's always the first area I gain weight, and the last area I lose it.  It's one of those tummies that periodically inspiresd strangers to come up and say, "Oh, you're expecting! When are you due?"

To those happy "I'm going to touch your belly even if you do look like you might amputate my arm for the inconvenience" people I say: I am not pregnant.  I am just curvy and unfortunately, all of my curves mingle around my belly button like interns 'round a water cooler.  And even if I were pregnant, I would not want you to touch me.  So DON''T pat my fat!

Because this has been an ongoing issue for the women of my family for many millennia, I'm always focused on finding ways to fight the bulge.  Tonight, I returned to a workout that M and I did during the 10 Pound Slimdown Workout called Incredible Abs with Cindy Whitmarsh.  Although 20 minutes of constant ab exercises can be (and is) excruciating, Cindy's routine left me with an awareness of every abdominal muscle I have.  Even those hard to reach lower ab muscles that never seem to do any thing but wave at people passing me on the track got a workout!

Luckily since I started working out in May the whole "pregnancy" conversation happens a lot less frequently than it used to which is a sign that things are starting to look a lot less round in the abdominal area.  Either that, or enough one-armed ladies have accumulated in town that word's got around that I'm not to be mussed with.  Both possibilities are a good thing in my book.

In other news, I purchased two pair of rockin' spandex shorts to keep friction from stalling future workouts.  I'm happy to say that they are comfy and do a good job of reducing thigh-rubbing.  Two big thumbs up!

Womens Pro Bike Short in Black XLARGE

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