Tuesday, August 31

Late Again!!

I am once again blogging the day after I actually worked out.  For some reason, taking a few days off from blogging seriously whacked-out my writing process and I'm having one heck of a time getting back into the groove.  

Last night I met up with K for some track walking.  There are a couple of big 10K's this fall that she and I are planning on participating in and it's time for us both to ramp up the walking/jogging and get ready to complete 6.6 miles in under 2 hours!  We got a great head start on our training for the events last night by completing 2.5 miles in under 45 minutes - one of our best track times since we started walking together earlier this summer.

Although walking the track isn't always the most exciting of adventures, it is a great way to test yourself on a consistent course without a ton of variables... and there's not much thought involved so it leaves you free to discuss world affairs and spend some time contemplating what you'll do when you win the Powerball jackpot next weekend.

Unfortunately, I didn't wear the proper undergarments yesterday and the walk has left my thighs tender to the touch so I am going to take the day off to repair myself before heading back out to the track tomorrow for another round of "Get Your A@@ In Gear".  Next time I'll do myself a favor and change my underpants before I go!

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