Thursday, September 23

My Final Day At Curves

(Yesterday) My third workout with Curves also marked the end of my week trial of their gym, and it was with a mixture of excitement and determination that I went into my workout feeling like I had no choice but to make the most of the workout.  I pushed, pulled, huffed and puffed my way through my final 30 minute circuit; halfway through realizing that my shoes were dirty and were leaving a trail of sawdust and paintball residue from walking the indoor field at Warpaint International on Tuesday... (oops)  And then I continued on working out as hard as I could without stepping, kicking or jumping too hard in an attempt to keep more gunk from falling off my shoes.

By the end of the workout, I had solidified that while I can see the value in the "sisterhood" at Curves and their ability to cram a low-impact total body workout into 30 minutes, I don't think that their gym is for me long term.  I get bored of exercise easily, and so I need a wide variety of activity to keep me engaged and willing to stretch beyond the comfort of my couch.

I do applaud the women at Curves for their dedication to changing their lives through exercise, and the people who have created the workout circuit for finding a way to help women get over the "scariness" of beginning a workout routine.  I am sure that I'll head back to Curves to visit in the future since I have met some great ladies there, and hopefully we'll all be a few steps closer to our weight and lifestyle goals!

(Today) The weather seems to be... maintaining... for the moment anyway.  Showers are in our future, and hopefully they will hold off long enough for M and I to spend some time in the garden.  K and I should be walking again tonight too, and I can't wait to hear more about the 10k she completed a couple of weeks ago!  Nothing makes you feel better about your decision to exercise than meeting physically challenging milestones head-on and coming out a winner!

The World Has Curves: The Global Quest for the Perfect Body

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