Monday, September 20

Round 2 At Curves

I found myself with a very busy day ahead of me, and an appointment at Curves at 10:30.  I was determined to not reschedule the workout even though I worried it would impede me getting back for a business meeting on time, and left 15 minutes early in hopes that if I started a bit early I'd get back in time to get down to business.

Sure enough, there was a slot for me in the Curves circuit to get started a little early and I dove right into the workout.  I've decided that the benefit of the structured 30 minute workout routine that Curves has set up is that it's always only 30 minutes.  I can see how the program would work well for someone who has a busy schedule and doesn't know how they'd spend hours and hours at a gym each week between jobs, husbands, kids and regular "life" activities.  Cheers to Curves for carving out a program that's perfect for women on the go!

I did try to push the equipment as hard as it would let me go today, after some assurance from one of the trainers that "you can't break it".  I was able to really put my muscle into each of the machines and get my heart rate up within just a couple of minutes of starting, and maintain it throughout the workout.

Now that I've got the workout out of the way, it's time to hit the desk and crank out some projects.  Yay work!

Curves Fitness & Weight Management Program

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