Wednesday, October 6

A 15 Minute Mile? Is this a joke?

24 Hour Fitness is a wonderful place.  Getting there is a bit of a headache, but once we're there M and I really get moving and don't stop until it's time to leave.  Today we did a quick round of basketball before hitting the weight machines, and I would just like to say that I have increased weights this week on the leg-press (60lbs), the thigh press (Both inner and outer: 50lbs) and the Clam of Dooooom Ab Machine (15lbs).  M increased weight on several of the machines she worked on as well, and I can honestly say I felt the burn!

Once we were done with weights we headed over to the rowing machines, and busted out a full 10 minutes of row time.  In that 10 minutes, I burned a whopping 94 calories and could really feel the strength building in my back and legs.

After that, I headed on to the elliptical machine to try one of the 15 minute workout programs.  The program took me through walking forward for 3 minutes, pushing arms for 3 minutes, pulling arms for 3 minutes, walking backwards 3 minutes and then using the full body for the remaining 3 minutes.  Even though I was moving a lot of new ways (it appears that coordination is key in orchestrating these movements), I was still able to go over 1.1 miles in the 15 minute time-frame.  Now THAT'S exciting!

M and I gave each other some great cheer leading pep-talks on the way home, and high fived one another to celebrate how far we've both come this summer.  Even if it isn't apparent to the world around us that our dedication to fitness is yielding great results, we both know how far we've come and how close we are to our next round of fitness goals.  I'm glad to have someone to work out with who not only knows what kind of workout I'm doing today, but also to know first-hand how it compares to what I was able to do 5 months ago.  Go team!

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