Saturday, October 16

Oh My, Where Have I Been?

After spending an hour and a half this morning sweating to the sounds of Lady Gaga and peddling through an episode of some terrible sitcom starring Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley, it occurred to me that I've been forgetting to update the blog with my workout shenanigans over the past week.  Life has suddenly been turned up to the "Spin" cycle, and although there hasn't been a lot of time to keep up with this blog I have been able to find the time to continue working out.

We're enjoying the last rays of sunshine for the season here in Portland, and in an attempt to soak up as much UV light as possible before the clouds of winter roll in I spent an hour each on Wednesday and Thursday walking with M and K for an emotional and metabolic boost.  A deep cleaning of my cat-dwelling laundry room helped me to burn a couple hundred calories yesterday, and my whole house smells all the better for it.

Today, M and I spent the morning at 24 Hour Fitness playing basketball, working out with weights, did the Fat Burn program on the stationary bikes and tried out the gyms climbing machines.  It was 90 minutes of progress; with both of us adding more weight, more reps and more new exercise machines than ever before.

The 24 day free pass that M gifted me at the gym has proven that three weeks of focused time at the gym really does make a difference.  Both of us are trimmer (M has almost lost another pant size and I have had to go down a notch on my belt), stronger and faster then we were on October 1st.  It's great to look in the mirror and notice changes that seem to have appeared overnight!

Poker Face

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