Tuesday, October 12

Pull Ups Are A Dream Come True

All my life, I've wanted to be able to do a pull-up.  On movies, tv shows and out on the playground, the people who are fit are always doing pull-ups and making them look like a piece of cake.  Well, today for the first time ever I discovered a machine at 24 Hour Fitness that helps you to do pull ups on your own terms.  You set the resistance level, step up on a platform, and the machine helps you to reach your chin over the handle-bars with relative ease.

I was able to do 10 pull-ups with resistance set at 190 lbs (so the machine was holding 190 pounds of me, and I was pulling up roughly 11 pounds of body mass & gym clothes).  Even though I know it's technically not a true pull up because I wasn't able to do it on my own, I'm still taking this as a win.  It's the closest to a pull-up that I've ever gotten, and hopefully with continued use of the machine I will be able to conquer this feat of athleticism sometime in the future.

Everybody has to have fitness goals to work towards, lest we get stagnant in our workouts.  What's your next big fitness goal?

Freemotion Commercial EPIC Selectorized Assisted Dip-Chin Machine

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