Monday, November 1

The Price Is Right!

This morning marked day 1 of my free 7-day pass at Anytime Fitness (Pick yours up by clicking here) and through it, I discovered the magic of TV during a workout.  Anytime Fitness has attached mini-TVs to their treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers, and some of these TVs only work while you're moving on the machine.  Although there are always big screen TV's on at most gyms, I've never paid much attention to them.  But today as I sat down at the stationary bike I thought I'd plug in my headphones and give the television experience a whirl.

What started out as a 10 minute bike warm-up soon turned into a 30 minute ride through the entirety of a "fat burner" workout as I got sucked into The Price is Right.  I just couldn't stop - I had to know who was going to walk away a winner!  The addition of TV to the ride made sitting on the stationary bike bearable far beyond what I normally would do which was a good and bad thing.

The good: I find myself thinking I could hang onto the elliptical for hours and hours, burning calories all the way, if a marathon of Desperate Housewives or Swords was on.  The bad: I found myself 30 minutes into the hour I had scheduled for the gym today with only a leg workout to show for it.  That only left me 30 more minutes to do abs, shoulders, biceps, back, chest, etc.

Maybe someday when I'm rich and famous I'll build an entire gym around my home entertainment system.  Then my family and I will try to escape the Pirates of the Caribbean whilst rowing away on a stationary row machine, run from the Walking Dead on the treadmill and race down the highway with the Flintstones on our stationary bikes.  Hmmm.... I wonder if there's a good way to convince Mr. Kawaii that this is a good idea.

Motus USA M660BRL Recumbent Exercise Bike with Fully Integrated Samsung LCD TV

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