Wednesday, November 24

Thanksgiving Thoughts and Reflections

It had been my intention to work out every day this week to get back into the habit of posting on this blog frequently.  Sadly, the plan got de-railed Monday when Mr. Kawaii and I had to make the difficult choice to lay our sick kitty to rest.  The event has thrown a wrench into all of our holiday plans, and has given me a chance to reflect on the things that are most important in my life.

It is easy when we are committed to trimming and slimming our waistlines to become so focused on ourselves that we loose sight of the world around us.  In the past, I have spent the holiday season analyzing every ounce of turkey, gravy and sliver of pumpkin pie in an effort to not gain weight, and although my intentions are always good it causes me to see the season through a filter of longing, faltering willpower and inevitable regret.  In the end, what really matters isn't so much what we put in our mouths at holiday parties and gatherings, instead it is that we are surrounded by people (and animals) who love us wholly and completely as we are - whether we lose that next 10 pounds or not.

This year, I'm going to take a deep breath and eat what I want the first time around, skip the second helpings and just do my best to stick with exercise whenever I can fit it in.  In the end, I know that if I stress too much over little things like rogue gingerbread cookies and attacks of marshmallow snowmen, that I'm going to miss the point of the season.

To everyone who has cheered me along on this journey, thank you.  I sincerely appreciate your support, and hope to see you out and about next week when we are all working off that little bit of stuffing. :)

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