Thursday, January 20

Outdoors Again!

Shortly after my last posting here a tragic accident involving a shampoo bottle, my left arm and the top of my head left a string of muscles in my upper left back pulled and painful.  It's taken me several days... almost a week... to recover to a point where picking up a glass of water or strapping a seatbelt onto my fragile body doesn't hurt.

Being pretty active in my daily life with errand running, housekeeping exercise and work, trying to keep still has been a struggle this week.  Mr. Kawaii can attest to me forgetting I'm injured and trying to do something silly (like put away the dishes) instead of staying in bed or on the couch like I am supposed to, but overall I've tried to tone it down a bit so that I could heal.

Today I finally felt like I had enough mobility to take Pooch out for a romp, and we walked about a half mile around the neighborhood.  Not enough to break a sweat, but at least I finally feel like I had the opportunity to get outdoors and do something good for my body.  Hooray!

Let this posting be a lesson: Never underestimate the power of shampoo.

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