Monday, March 21

Gun Extravaganza

Yesterday the entire family headed out to the gun show, and Mr. Kawaii and I spent around 3 hours walking the several long rows of vendors, seeing all there was to see.  By the end of our three hours at the show, we had walked the hall nearly twice and both of us had broken a sweat.  According to the calorie burning tool on AolHealth, 3 hours of non-grocery shopping with sitting and standing burns roughly 611 calories.  Not bad for milling around finding something amazing to buy.

We did doubly good by avoiding the various snacks, treats and candies at the show.  I smuggled in a couple of low-calorie granola bars for us to nibble on when the smells of hot-dogs, pizza, jerky and baked goods got to be too much.  The healthy snack tided us over until lunch time, when we sat down and shared a basket of fries and a single slice of pizza.  All in all, a great day with the family and a healthy activity out of the house.  Double bonus!Gunvault GV1000D-DLX Mini Vault Deluxe Gun Safe

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