Thursday, March 17

Getting the Workout In

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't muster up the "gumption" to work out.  I found myself wandering around the internet, checking e-mail and making phone calls instead... until finally I puttered through my workout hour and had to move onto other projects.  The day, as far as exercise was concerned, appeared to be doomed.

I did manage to get the workout in though, amazingly enough!  As a part of my project of getting my novel published, I have been asked to read a pile of books to try to classify the book (it's somewhere between adult fiction and romance) and I have been feeling very sloth as I've been curled up with Pooch on the couch and a book.  This afternoon I had a fantastic idea: Why not do squats while reading?  I made it through a few chapters of squats and lunges, and then decided to walk to the grocery store for some odds and ends so I got a mile of walking in too.

Hooray for multi-tasking!

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