Wednesday, August 31

Let the Group Therapy Continue!

M and I have added a lot to our morning walks.  First it was the amount of time we walk (from 30 minutes to 1 hour), then it was distance (from 1 mile to 2.5-3 miles), then it was stairs (10 minutes of climbing stairs downtown really makes you feel the burn!) and then this week we added something - or rather someone - new.

Mr. Kawaii decided to join us on our morning walk yesterday morning, and it was great having him along.  For one thing, it was wonderful to have a third voice in the conversation that always happens in tandem with the walk.  It was also great to share with him all of the joys and gripes of the daily routine and get his insight on a few things that M has been mulling over.

It was mostly great having him join us because he's just fun to be around, no matter what the activity.  I hope he continues coming back out with us.  Someone's got to hold my stuff when I get a half mile into the walk and realize I have no pockets!

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