Thursday, August 23

Cardio Dreams

I've been feeling a bit down lately... a combination of stress, not enough sleep, new parenthood and some relationship strife. My moodiness has finally crept into my dreams, so now when I am finally able to sleep, I'm still being hounded by my insecurities.

I've been dreaming a lot of my ex-husband, my in-laws (current and former) and a myriad of other people who I've lost touch with over the years. Last night's dream culminated with someone I know telling me that I've let myself go... it was probably the least happy I've been upon waking in a very long time. Rather than bury my head under the blankets though, I got up and once the baby was fed, got into a 20 minute cardio routine I found on Hulu Plus.

I sweated my cupcakes off and got the day started with enough energy and gusto to attack a couple of chores before heading into work. It isn't always easy to turn those early morning blues around, but I think I did a pretty decent job of it.

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