Saturday, August 11

It's Aliiiive!

So, last I posted, I had finally made it through the first trimester of pregnancy. I was hopeful that things would get better (they didn't until half way through the 3rd trimester), and was looking forward to being active again.

Well, the baby arrived in May after a very long, excruciating labor. I was on restricted activities for 8 weeks, and finally at the end of July was able to go play paintball for the first time in almost a year! I survived the paintball OK, even though I had been very lethargic for nearly 11 months, and this week found a new Yoga program that I have been able to fit into my mornings three or four times this week.

I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight already, which is a wonderful feeling. I'm doing my best to not focus on losing weight at this point because any restriction of my food intake seems to severely affect my ability to breastfeed, and we don't want that baby having issues feeding. Being active again after so many months stuck in bed or on the couch feels fantastic, and I am excited to be out in the world!

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