Thursday, February 21

Mushroom Meatloaf

This might be a little ranty, and for that I hope you will forgive me.

Mr. Kawaii and I have been doing an excellent job of eating healthy this month. Despite the temptations of Valentine's Day candies and all-you-can-eat seafood offers, we have hunkered down with our celery and egg-whites and have persevered. We did celebrate the big VD (Valentine's Day, not Venereal Disease) with a pizza, but that has been the only big splurge all month.

As a part of this healthier eating campaign, we've been sampling recipes out of a couple of my healthy cooking cook books. Yes, I have owned them both for years and actually use them every once in a while. But this month we've been using them exclusively to try to find low-cholesterol (and thus low fat, high fiber, low sugar) versions of the foods that we love.

Last night's "experiment" was a meatloaf recipe out of the Dr. Phil cookbook. The recipe substituted beef with Veal (yum!) and mushrooms (also yum... right?). The problem with the mushroom substitution is that it was a LOT of mushrooms. The meatloaf ended up being more of a mushroom loaf, the taste of which overwhelmed the little bit of beef and veal that was in it. It was... edible. The first time around, anyway. The leftovers were terrible and made me wish I had a cheeseburger and a milkshake to wash it down with.

Overall, the experimenting with healthful foods has been good. We've discovered oatmeal pancakes and baked french toast, both of which surprised us with their yummyness. I've perfected the fruit smoothie, so that's good too. All in all it hasn't been bad.

But if you're on this journey with me... avoid the mushroom meatloaf. Yuck.

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