Tuesday, April 2

There's Less of Me to Go Around

I was working on some other blogs and realized that I haven't updated this one since February. Oh noes!

Things have been progressing well with the waistline. The combination of medication and diet are continuing to whittle away at my figure, and as of this week I've lost 8.5% of my mass. I'm down under the 180lb. mark and am into a whole "new" wardrobe that I haven't fit in for nearly 5 years.

This week we're back on the Skinny Kitchen meals, and this morning's Strawberry and Cream Stuffed French Toast was a delightful break from the oatmeal and dry toast that I ate last week. In fact, the Skinny Kitchen has spurred up quite a debate in my inbox. I've gotten notes from several people who have said, "I know that I need to eat better and be more active, but I hate diet food." Well, I'm right there with you, folks. If it wasn't for my husband agreeing to hunt through recipe lists and cookbooks for new things to try, I don't think I would have made it this far. Luckily, by being willing to try new things together, we've started building a whole new list of favorite foods - that are WAY healthier than our previous fave fares.

So get out there and just try one new healthy recipe this week. If you like it, add it to your regular meal list. And if not, don't give up. If it's totally inedible, hit the drive through and reward yourself for trying. And then... the next night you cook try again.

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