Wednesday, October 30

Candles on the CHEAP!

I love having candles around the house. For decoration, and for the inevitable power outage that happens a few times a year. But, candles are expensive! I'm almost through my last package of votives, and so I started searching the internet for a cheap way to make my own candle with random jars I've been saving.

Behold! The Crisco candle!

Find instructions here:

Crisco, or any type of left over animal fat, can be coupled with string or a cheap emergency candle to produce these attractive mason jar style candles. The best part is that the Crisco is slow burning, and I have found reports that depending on the size of your container, the candles can burn for up to 100 hours.

I haven't made these candles myself yet, but it is going to be my DIY on the cheap project for November. For roughly $20, I should be able to make 12 pint-sized candles using packed Crisco, cheap tapered emergency candles (used in place of a plain wick) and canning jars.

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