Tuesday, November 19

The Season for Free (or Discounted) Turkeys!

Even if you aren't normally a couponer, now is the time to pay attention! If your family enjoys eating poultry then November and December are a great time to stock up on fresh and frozen turkeys. Most large grocery stores will run offers for "Spend $x.xx And Get A Free Turkey", and I've already gotten a couple of coupons from Coupons.com and through our weekly circulars for $3 off the purchase of a turkey when certain other items are purchased.

I already redeemed one offer for a discounted turkey this week. Fred Meyer is offering turkeys at a discounted rate if you spend over $50 on other groceries (I believe I paid $0.69/lb for my 15 pounder), or up to a 20lb turkey for FREE if you spend $150 on other groceries. It has been a LONG time since I spent $150 on a single shopping trip, but $50 is an easy spend and I think I paid about $10 for a turkey that would normally have been well over $20.

I plan to load up on free and discounted turkey over the next six weeks, and stock my freezer with good meat that will carry us into the spring. When else can you get good meat for under $1/pound??

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