Tuesday, July 14

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It has been a couple of months since my last post here because, as often happens, life has erupted and gotten in the way. We've been making some big changes that will be great for our budget. Mr. Kawaii and I have reduced our overhead by moving our family business back home and although that is taking some time to adjust to, it is going pretty well.

We've decided not to stop there though - we have made the decision to downsize even further. We have committed to spending the next year downsizing our belongings. Sometime in the next year, we will begin constructing a tinyhouse!

Katrina Cottage, Ocean Springs (photo by Jeffery K. Bounds) 

If you aren't familiar with the tinyhouse movement the concept is to take your family, reduce your belongings to the essentials that you need for basic living and comforts. Move it all into a space between 80 and 1,000 square feet. and move forward with more financial freedom.

We haven't finalized our floor plan yet, but we think we will build our tinyhome on a 30 foot trailer. We will be snug, but we estimate that the change from 1,400 square feet to under 400 will free up several thousand dollars a year to go toward purchasing property, travel, and becoming more financially free.

An example of a 355 sq. ft. tiny house by Molecule Tiny Homes.
Mr. Kawaii and I were considering building a custom RV to put on property last year, but we have come to realize for roughly the same cost as the travel trailer we would design we will be able to enjoy more traditional housing construction (insulation, real wood, real tile, etc.). The house will still be on wheels so we can move it with us, but will be more comfortable wherever we land.

I am very excited about this plan, and the freedom that it will open up for our finances.

If you'd like to learn more about Tiny Houses, some of our favorite shows to watch can be found on YouTube. Check out Tiny House Nation for a range of ideas about downsizing from a big house into a tiny house.

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