Tuesday, July 21

Vacation Feasts on a Budget

After countless summers camping with family and friends, and coming home with WAY too much food, we have implemented a new system to keep us all on budget. Instead of us all just bringing food to share "banquet" style we have begun assigning meals (or a portion of each meal) to each person that we are camping with. It has worked out really well and has cut the food budget that we normally set in half.

Here is a sample of one of the plans we have used. Mr. Kawaii and I are responsible for part of two meals over a 4 day camping adventure with about 7 other families. We are feeding about 30 people per meal.

Friday -
Smoked Bacon "sushi" - A&J
Buffalo Chicken egg rolls - D&K
Potato Salad - J&R

Breakfast: Ranch Breakfast - S

Brats & Buns - C&A
Pasta Salad - A
Fruit side - M

Pass the hat for Pizza $$! 


French Toast - R&T
Bacon/Sausage: C&A

Hamburgers & Buns - M&D
Fruit side - M

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - C&K
Side dish - J

Breakfast: S

Even though we are buying enough food to feed an army for each meal, the way it is split up makes it easy for us all to find the best deals, makes storing the food easier because we aren't trying to commingle frozen foods, cold foods and not cold foods in our cooler, and takes away the problem of only eating burgers 3 meals a day for 4 days. 

This has been working really well for us this summer and I hope that you can implement it into your own vacation plans.

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