Saturday, June 5

Sunny Saturday!

I'm beginning to think that Mother Nature is a bit bi-polar.  She doesn't seem to be able to make up her mind as to weather she's friends with Mr. Sun or not.  I'm glad that today they're at least on good terms because the weather is perfect for being outside in nature.

My new workout companion, we'll call her M, and I decided to head out and tackle some more of the Amazon-esque jungle growing out of the muck in my back yard.  As we hacked through bushes and brush we discovered that my yard has apparently become home to a multi-level city of Pill-Bugs (or Rolley-Polley's as we used to call them when we were kids) including a Slug-based transportation system and Dung-Beetle sewer lines.

After an hour of digging and grasping at overgrown weeds we found what little is left of a clematis plant and transported it to a clear and less dog-dug location where hopefully it will regain life and climb the blank fence behind it.  We also cleared two more beds, one in which we are going to displace the Pill-Bugs in a round of mass destruction and replace with a variety of vegetable plants.  I think I may plant a miniature lawn in the other bed; something to squish my toes into when I'm feeling sprightly.  On second thought, I'm sure Pooch will just see it as a nicer toilet and bare feet will not be happy there.

At any rate, we spent over an hour out there and the sun helped to warm up our muscles and keep us moving.  By the time we finished we were both tired and our muscles burned, but we felt accomplished and have plans for tackling the last 10 feet of yard.  M is going to help me find some plants that are less easy to kill than what I've had in the past (I'm more widely known for my plant-graveyard than my garden), and even help me maintain them through the summer while I figure out how to cultivate a green thumb.  Maybe we'll end up with yummy veggies to eat and share with family, and a giant pumpkin to enter into the grow contest at the county fair.  Who knows, stranger things have happened.

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