Saturday, June 26

Back In The Saddle(bags) Again

You may have noticed that the blog has lay dormant these past two days, and for that I would like to express my deepest apologies to those of you who call/e-mail/text me wondering where the newest installment is.

Thursday my poor body was weary and sore from exhaustion.  I attribute this to too many days of exercise without a break, and my muscles crying from overwork.  It was a gentle reminder from myself that the body needs time to rest and repair itself once every few days to avoid injury and strain.  It's simply one of those things where it pays to listen to the people who know what they're talking about, and taking your own advice after you dispense it.  I'm not very good at either of those two things, but I'm trying to change.  Well, not really change, but at least make an attempt at opening my ears and closing my mouth just a wee tad more often.

Yesterday was a whole world of other challenges that caused the daylight to run out before there was much chance for physical exercise.  M and I exercised our patience plenty though, spending an eternity at the local Department of Human Services office working out her food support benefit.  I was then... again... disappointed that the person who was "so excited" to take my love-seat home with her and "can't wait to pick it up" rescheduled the time she was going to come get it, rescheduled it again, and then finally didn't take the love-seat home.

I won't rant and spew about the epic fail of this love-seat other than to say that I have never in my entire life have such difficulty getting rid of a perfectly good piece of furniture.

But today the exercise bug returned, and I am happy to admit that I enjoyed it.  M, Pooch and I all headed out to the track for an early morning mile and conversation about life.  M is tackling the ins and outs of a recent diagnosis of diabetes and so we talked a lot about what she's learning about the role of eating healthy foods in proper portions instead of focusing heavily on calorie restriction and carb-freezing diets.  Pooch kept getting distracted by the poodles and chihuahuas scampering around on floss-thin leashes but kept up with us overall.  And I broke a milestone in this fitness adventure.  For the first time in probably 5 years, I jogged a portion of the way around the track.

A funny thing happens when I jog.  In my current state, I have a bit of belly (don't even get me started on how it feels to have people ask you when the baby is due when you aren't pregnant) and it turns out that this belly of mine bounces and jiggles a bit when jogging.  Part way around turn number one I realized that my tummy was pushing my pants lower and lower, and pushing my shirt higher and higher.  I pushed on, through the ridiculous feeling of being slowly stripped of my workout clothes, until I reached the end of the turn where pooch and I turned around and walked back to where M was on the track... pulling my pants up over my hips and my shirt down the whole way back.

Once put back together I noted that the short jog didn't hurt me and that I actually had enjoyed it.  Each time we came around to that particular turn, Pooch and I jogged to the end of it and re-dressed as we walked back to M.  By the 4th time around I started to feel the familiar pain in my shins and strain of my tired calves, but was able to walk both out on the way back to the car.

Although because of my ongoing issues with troubled knees and shins I know I'll never be a marathon runner, I am extremely encouraged that I've reached the other side of the hill when it comes to being able to jog again.  Pooch and I used to jog almost daily when we lived in a far away land, and I could tell that he enjoyed being able to do it again after all these years.  It is great that I have been able to increase my activity and stamina levels not only for myself, but that I can enjoy doing active things with those I love again.  It's the best part of getting off the couch.


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